MS SQLServer Certified Database Administrator

Daily maintenance and support to guarantee the availability of SQL Server environments. DRP, Clustering, Availability Groups, server maintenance, patching, replication.

Performance Tuning: Auditing, troubleshooting and improving performance through proven techniques and technical skills.

Securing data by encryption, certificates, ...

Replicating data to/from dirfferent environments.

Database development: creating new functionality (SP 's, functions, CLR, Assemblies, views,...) and designin a database diagram and data-model.

Upgrade and migration: Upgrading existing SQL Server environments to a newer version and implement its advantages.

Project support: Provide projects with our knowledge to improve the performance, and help you choosing the bests solution.

Training & Coaching: We can train your people, and coach them afterwards.

" Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much "



MS SQLServer Integration Services

Creating SSIS Projects by creating packages that Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from different environments to consolidate it in one (new) datamodel.

Setting up SSIS Catalogs (SQL Server 2012 or later) and deploying the solution(s) to these catalogs.

SSIS Training to help your staff to understand and enlarge their SSIS projects and setup new projects.

  SSRS / Power BI

MS SQLServer Reporting Services / Power BI

Creating Reports using SSRS or Power BI (Office) to help you analyzing your data and represent it in a way that EndUsers can easily work with it.

Making data available on different levels and platforms, with different views.

Creating SSAS Cubes.

Training people to Create their own reports.

Egon Vandenrijdt

I'm a Microsoft SQLServer Data Architect & DBA / developer and BI (SSIS / SSRS / Cognos) consultant.

I have more than 15 years of technical and on the job SQL Server experience, and have expertise in SQL 2000, 2005, 2008/R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 and SQLServer2017.

I have 1 year experience with Cognos (Administrating and developing) and had some projects on SSRS and BO in the past.

I've also experience with the Azure Data platform (Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake (+ Analytics), Azure DataWarehouse and Azure DB).

To help you improve your environment, I offer the above Services.

I live in Belgium / Antwerp Region / Heist-op-den-Berg

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